Booth & Cluster Tables Buying Guide

The Booth & Cluster Seating Collection offers a choice of preconfigured tables with attached seats in a sturdy steel frame with varying styles and capacities to suit different needs. These tables are perfect for cafeteria and patio dining, with indoor and outdoor options.


The Stainless Steel Top design offers four attached seats spaced around a rectangular tabletop designed with stainless steel for classic appearance and durability. The frame is designed to hold the four attached seats.

For greater seating capacity, our Mobile Cafeteria Table comes with a strong frame and eight attached stool seats with round stool seat in backless style for easy sitting access and standing. The tabletop is round for more flexible seating capacity to accommodate up to eight individual users.


The four-person tables come in two sizes, for comfortable work surface area to ensure ample room for dining, cafeteria, or other use. The eight-person tables come in two sizes to accommodate comfortable height for the target population. The round table surface is 60” in diameter, with an overall table and seating diameter of 89” when the attached stool seats are included in the measurement.


Frame Design

The four-person tables have steel frame with environmentally-friendly black powder-coat paint finish. The frame connects the two seats on either side of the tabletop and supports the tabletop with a suspended-style frame extension, connected to the seats on both sides for stability and strength. Each seat has a single pedestal-style post support and the table accommodates freestanding setup or fixed setup with option to permanently mount to the floor.

The eight-person tables have steel frames with folding design with casters for easy transport and storage. The steel frames are finished in one of three eco-friendly powder-coat paint colors, with matching tabletop edges to coordinate the top and base style. Each stool seat is attached to the frame with a single-post support design and curved frame “arm” to secure the stools and the tabletop for safe use. The frame designs of both tables allow spacious legroom under the tables and strong support for the tabletop and seats.

Seat Design

The four-person tables have seat-shell designs with one-piece shells constructed from steel and available in your choice of stainless steel finish, to match the stainless steel tabletop, or paint finish, using eco-friendly powder-coat paint. The paint finish chair shells are available in five standard colors with choice of single-color or two-color combinations. The seats swivel for easy sitting or standing.

The single-color options provide four attached chair shells in matching one-color finish. The two-color combination options include the four attached steel chair shells with two finished in one color and two finished in a second color. The prearranged two-color options are available in 10 combinations for convenience.

The eight-person tables have round seat-only, backless design with attached round stool-style seats surrounding the round tabletop. The stool seats are made from high-impact polystyrene and come in six colors for a customized look.

The attached seats in our Booth & Cluster Table Collections reduce the need for added clutter in cafeteria, lunchroom, or other dining facility, and simplify the setup and use of the tables. The risk of tipping or falling in a separate chair is greatly reduced by the stable frame and construction of our tables with attached seating and the customizable style make it easy to coordinate the table designs with different décor preferences.


Outdoor Tables

The four-person tables with stainless steel top are designed specifically for safe indoor and safe outdoor use, with steel construction, durable components, protective finish options, and the support of the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.