Book Return Bins

Book return bin units are designed for use at a library check-in station, book-drop, or return counter. The book return bins can support large quantities of books and materials, and many styles offer a coordinating counter unit that conceals the mobile book return bin and has a book slot for drop-in returns.


Book Drop Cart: A book drop cart is a versatile, durable mobile unit with bin-style design for collecting returned library books. The book drop cart may have a protective cloth liner to collect the books neatly, or a depressible platform with spring supports for enhanced book collection and return sorting.

Canvas Book Catch: A canvas book catch is a fabric bag-like liner that comes with select book drop cart models for supporting book return collection and sorting. The canvas book catch helps cushion books as they are returned and placed or dropped into the collection bin.

Depressible Book Truck: Depressible book truck units feature spring-supported platform interiors that cushion library books as they are dropped into the bin, and raise the books as weight decreases to aid sorting and book return tasks.


Book Truck Storage: Book truck storage offers a garage-like covering for select book truck units, with a three-sided design and countertop covering, enhanced by a book return slot on the patron-facing side of the storage unit. The book truck is pushed into the storage unit for safekeeping, where it collects returned library books until full.

Swivel Casters: Swivel casters are wheels that pivot, rotate, or spin in a 360° motion within their connective structures securing them to the base of a cart or book truck. Swivel casters allow enhanced maneuvering while a heavy book truck or book cart is moving throughout a library full of books.

Book Drop Cart
Book Drop Cart

Depressible Book Truck Storage
Depressible Book Truck

Construction Materials

Cam & Post Assembly: Cam and post assembly refers to an easy-to-assemble design using pre-cut holes in different sizes in corresponding furniture parts or panels. Larger round holes are made to fit cams which secure the posts, usually screwed into adjacent panels.

Matching Edge: Matching edge typically refers to laminate, melamine, or veneer finished products with protective finish or band added to the edges of shelves or structure frame panels. The protective finish or band is designed to match the overall finish, or the edges are finished with matching melamine, laminate, or wood veneers cut to fit.

Melamine Finish: Melamine finish is a laminate-style finish using fewer layers than classic high-pressure laminate but offering a lasting bond to the furniture products with damage-resistant surface in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Plastic Edge Strips/Plastic Corner Strips: Plastic edge strip or corner strip elements protect walls and furniture from contact with book drop carts by concealer sharp or rough edges and corners of the open-top cart.

Veneer Finish: Veneer finish is a durable wood furniture finishing process that uses very thin slices of hardwood, finished in wood stains and protected by topcoat, lacquer or varnish. The slices are applied to the surfaces of furniture products with laminate or adhesive, forming a strong bond that lasts. The result is a high-quality wood furniture look at lower cost with greater longevity.

Book truck Storage
Book truck Storage