Bistro Tables Buying Guide

Bistro tables offer decorative and affordable tables for dining facilities, café or bistro, restaurant, lunchroom, or other needs. Most bistro tables are set on single-post pedestal-style frames with a stabilizing base. This single-post pedestal frame design allows ample space for multiple people to sit and access the tabletop comfortably. The unique Peanut Table in our Bistro Collection diverts from tradition with a rounded hourglass shape requiring a double-post pedestal frame.

Table Height

Dining height tables generally range from 28”-high to 29½”-high while the bistro height, café-height, or bar height tables range from 40”-high to 42”-high. Coordinating café-height and bistro-height chairs or stools are available for many of the table collections. The taller tables can also support standing access comfortably.

Base Designs

Bistro tables can have either a round tube-style or square pedestal with X-base, round base or square base for stabilized positioning. Available in 29”-high or 42”-high sizes, the Bistro Table with Steel Base has unique square steel post with square base, with attractive stainless steel to complement the round or square tabletops.

Leveling Glides

Leveling glides support table setup on uneven flooring or surfaces. The leveling glides may adjust to increase contact with the floor on all sides of the X-base or square base. The increased contact with the floor reduces wobbling and improves comfortable use ideal for dining facility settings.

Nylon leveling glides protect flooring from movement and scuffs with regular use of the tables but may or may not adjust to increase floor contact.

Tabletop Finishes

The most economical finish options are generally laminate or thermofused melamine. Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Teak Wood are popular options as well. An indoor/outdoor option is steel finished with a thermoplastic coating.

Laminate tabletops may be high-pressure laminate or thermofused melamine. Both offer durability and strength, long-lasting appearance, and scratch-resistant surfaces for a smooth workspace.

Stainless steel and aluminum tabletops are designed to appear textured or hammered but with a smooth feel and lasting finish.

Teak Wood tabletops have wood construction with natural teak finish that offers the choice to maintain wood-tone colors with teak wood care products or allow the wood to “weather” from use and exposure, turning a warm gray tone.

Steel tabletop finished with thermoplastic coating protects from exposure to the elements allowing safe indoor and outdoor use, with bold color that lasts.

Tabletop Edges

The tables finished in laminate or melamine generally have protective edging to reduce contact with the seam between tabletop and finish, prevent rough edges from damaging clothes or scratching people, and reduce impact from everyday use and bumps. The most common edging is vinyl, which is generally offered in black or a choice of colors. T-mold edging is made from vinyl, with a T-shape for secure assembly within the tabletop, as opposed to an adhesive-style installation. PVC edging is another common tabletop component, serving the same role as the vinyl edge but aids in reducing the risk of germs settling where the top and edge meet.

Wood tables and metal tables typically have a self-edge to match the tabletops with wood-tone and protective coating, metal finish in stainless steel, aluminum, chrome, or other finish to match the overall style. The steel tabletops of the Food Court Table Series are dipped in thermoplastic coating that forms the edges as well as the table surface finish.

Design Considerations

When ordering bistro tables or café tables, the design and size options and information, available for each item, allows easier shopping for a full furniture arrangement. Our experienced associates specialize in office, business, and professional furnishing and are available to help select coordinating chairs and other elements for your business, dining facility, school, office, or home.

Standard X-Base

Decorative Arch Design

Stylish X-Base Design

Peanut-Shaped Bistro Table