Binder Carousels

A binder carousel features a revolving shelf, with 360° rotation, designed to support binders in upright positions with spine facing out. Binder carousels come in single and multiple tier designs with tabletop or floor base and integrated dividers to support the standing binders.


Binder Carousel Worktop: Binder carousels can accommodate a customized worktop or cover that encloses the top tier or shelf and provides an additional platform surface for display or use.

Binder Carousel Worktop

Carousel Cabinet: A carousel cabinet is an enclosed storage unit with interior rotating binder carousel. The concept provides secure storage of binders, stored upright with spines facing outward, and a sliding tambour-style door that keeps the carousel contained for safekeeping. The revolving carousel allows 360° access to the binders on the shelves with cabinet access limited to one door.

Desktop Carousel: A desktop carousel has a single-shelf or single-tier design with support stand and top cover. The shelf has integrated dividers to help support binders, stored upright with spines facing out for visibility and organizing.


Binder Carousel Tier: Binder carousels are designed with circular revolving shelves referred to as tiers. Each tier is divided with stationary dividers that help support the binders in upright positions.

Carousel Cabinet

Caster Set: An optional caster set is custom-designed to replace the glides on the base of the binder carousel and transform the 5-prong star-style base into a mobile base. The caster set comes with 5 casters, adding 2” of height to the overall binder carousel.

CD Organizer: Binder carousels can accommodate an optional CD organizer, positioned on a binder carousel tier between two stationary dividers. The CD organizer supports up to 54 standard CD cases, held in an upright position for viewing, access, and visibility.

Organizer Set: Binder carousels can accept an optional organizer set designed to separate binders or other stored items. Each binder carousel tier has four stationary dividers forming quadrants, and the organizer set can further divide the tier into 20 sections for enhanced organizing.

Pull-Out Shelf: An optional pull-out shelf is designed to enhance the 4-tier and 5-tier binder carousels, with or without the enclosed cabinet. The shelf can be added at anytime and provides an instantly accessible work surface when needed.

Desktop Carousel

Tambour Door: Tambour doors are designed with a flexible slat-like assembly, allowing the door to glide open, usually sliding within the frame of a storage cabinet or compartment for space-saving accessible design. The binder carousel cabinets have tambour doors designed with polypropylene for durability.

Construction Materials

Aluminum Edges: Aluminum edges protect from impact and use on select binder and storage carousels. An aluminum strip or band is applied to the edges of finished shelves, concealing rough core edges and the seam where the core and shelf surface finish meet.

Binder Carousel Tier

Anodized Aluminum: Anodized aluminum is aluminum metal that has been treated using an electrolytic passivation process that increases the presence of natural oxide on the outer surfaces of the aluminum components. Anodizing protects the aluminum from exposure to the elements and also provides aesthetic effects depending on design.

Chipboard: Chipboard and particleboard are similar, composed of wood chips, sawdust, and other leftover or recycled wood components, bonded and pressed to create panels with even thickness and strength throughout. These panels are used in furniture and storage unit design, usually finished with laminate, melamine, or veneers.

Laminate Shelf: Binder carousel tiers are made with laminate for a durable finish that lasts through regular use and contact.

Laminate Side Panels: The side panels of the storage cabinet for the binder carousel cabinet units are composed of MDF core and finished in laminate for a durable, lasting, impact-resistant and damage-resistant design.

Organizer Set

MDF Core Panels: MDF core panels are composed of wood fibers and other wood components, mixed with a resin or other bonding substance and pressed to form strong, durable, even panels used to support furniture and storage unit designs. MDF is also known as medium-density fiberboard.

Melamine Resin Coating: Melamine resin coating is a melamine plastic polymer used to create laminate finish, laminate flooring, plastic tableware and utensils, and a variety of other consumer goods. The finish is applied under heat and pressure.

Stationary Dividers: Stationary dividers are shelf dividers permanently placed on a shelf to support stored contents. Binder carousel tiers have four stationary dividers per shelf for supporting the stored binders in upright positions.

Steel Frame: Binder carousels feature a steel frame centered throughout the design, allowing the laminate tier-shelves to rotate 360° around the central steel frame with consistent quality support.

Polypropylene Tambour Door: Polypropylene plastic slats are combined in a flexible layout to form the sliding tambour doors of binder carousel cabinets. The plastic design is durable, impact-resistant, and provides a space-saving and economical design.


ADA Compliant: The binder carousels are ADA-compliant, with an accessible design that revolves with less than 5-pounds of pressure applied to the rotating tiers.

Binder Capacity: The binder carousels offer weight or binder storage capacities to indicate the limits of safe use. The rotating binder carousel tiers can hold up to 6½’ of binders, which breaks down to 72 1”-binders, 48 1½”-binders, 36 2”-binders, or 24 3”-binders. Exceeding the capacity or weight limit listed for the given binder carousel can void a manufacturer warranty and result in damage to the shelves or frame.

HIPAA Compliant: HIPAA compliance indicates the secure storage unit meets standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The HIPAA standards dictate requirements for health insurance and health care facilities with regard to the management and security of patient records and privacy.

Independent Rotation: Binder carousel tiers offer independent rotation, indicating that a single tier can revolve completely around the steel center frame while the others remain still and the tiers can revolve in opposite directions without affecting the design.

Tier Expansion Kit: For binder carousels, an optional tier expansion kit can be added once to increase the binder carousel by one shelf or tier for an additional 6½’ of binder storage space.

360° Rotation: Binder carousels offer 360° rotation, with a center post-style frame composed of steel and round tier-shelves that spin completely around the center frame.