24-7 Chairs

The 24 Hour Chair Collections offer specialized, ergonomic comfort for long work hours, with thicker cushioning and stable heavy-duty base designs for standard office seating and Big & Tall support.

Extra Comfortable Cushions

Extra thick cushions in the seat and backrest of the 24 Hour chairs provide firmer support and longer lasting durability. The cushions may be molded foam or memory foam, depending on the style. The 24 Hour Chairs are ideal for long work hours, with contemporary styles that work in any professional setting or casual office. The 24 Hour Chairs are upholstered with a choice of fabric or vinyl, each offered in a variety of colors, and most vinyl upholstery in the 24 Hour Chair Series is antimicrobial and antibacterial, with easy-clean surface that resists germ development.

Adjustable Seat-Height

Enhanced Chair Features

Ergonomic Features: Most chairs include a waterfall seat, curved at the front to relieve pressure on the backs of legs, which can hinder circulation, affect foot contact with floor further affecting posture, and create faster onset of fatigue and discomfort. 

Adjustable Features: Our all-day chairs adjust for personalized comfort, ensuring better work posture and healthier leaning or working postures, for improved focus and productivity with reduced fatigue, aches, pains, and stress. Adjustable seat-height, adjustable backrest, independent back angle adjustments, synchronized seat and back tilting, as well as adjustable tension and lock settings for the tilt controls offer enhanced comfort with a customizable feel.

Optional Features: Optional footrings enhance leaning postures on some of the 24 Hour Chairs. Optional armrests and adjustable armrests coordinate with the overall chair designs and offer all-day workplace support as needed.

Optional Armrests


Most of our 24 Hour Chair Collection is backed by manufacturer lifetime warranties, while some are supported by 5-year or other warranty for convenience. The heavy-duty construction, stabilizing wide 5-prong base, casters and optional glides on some chairs, and the adjustable ergonomic comfort settings contribute to the lasting quality of the 24 Hour Chairs.