Art & Drafting

Premium Art & Drafting Furniture

Shop quality Art and Drafting furniture at! Here, you can find tables, stools, easels, storage solutions and more. We offer a variety of seating options to best suit your needs. Choose stools made from either mesh, vinyl, wood or fabric. Choose to be mobile or stationary. Choose to have arms and/or a back on your stool, for added comfort, or choose a more simplistic option without them. At K-Log, we are all about giving you choices!

Every artist needs a surface to work on. Art tables are better suited towards schools and workshops, while drafting tables have an upwards tilt to make writing or drawing much easier and more comfortable. Select from a variety of materials including glass and wood laminate that are both durable and easy-to-clean for a long-lasting, sleek appearance. Make the most of your space with a desk that features built in storage, or buy storage separately from our wide selection of art storage products. We have storage solutions for virtually any art-related item you might need to store. Drying racks, flat/blueprint file storage, supply cabinets, swivel organizers, and more. No matter what you need for your art or drafting room, K-Log has got you covered!